- film festival shining brightly in November
HOPEATÄHDET –SILVERY STARS i film festival  (established in 2011) is open fo all audiences, but specially planned for senior citizens. Silvery Stars, unique in Finland, is being based on the popural senior film club which was founded in Kuopio in 2008,  following the encouraging example of such film club founded in the neighbouring city Joensuu some years earlier.

Eastern Finland has proven to have the most active elderly people to take part in film clubs arranged specially for them and having the show time during day time. So, one fine day it simply got crystal clear for us- all these active film goers do deserve a film festival of their own!

In 2018, the festival dates are: 5 - 11 November. 

FESTIVAL PROGRAMME 2018 will be published in early September.

No special membership or pension warrants are required for bying the tickets or by the door. The tickes are set at a friendly level.

The festival stage is Cinema Kuvakukko (Vuorikatu 27),  the art house film theatre rich in historical atmosphere.


All the screenings take place at the Cinema Kino Kuvakukko, Vuorikatu 27.

Ticket sales during the festival: Kino Kuvakukko/ address: Vuorikatu 27, Kuopio

For more information, contact via e-mail: